Your Complete Financial Picture - All In One Login

Our philosophy is simple:

You should know what you own. You should know where it’s held. You should know what it’s worth.
We recognize that staying on top of your finances can be easier said than done. Between multiple bank accounts, mortgages, and 401Ks, you likely need to visit several websites and remember an assortment of passwords in order to access up-to-date information on your accounts. With myPATH, it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Introducing myPATH…
myPATH allows you to seamlessly integrate your financial life onto one customized webpage. It can help simplify your finances and track your progress toward meeting stated goals. With myPath, you will be able to effortlessly view all of your accounts in real-time, securely store important documents, and use interactive tools to track your progress over time.

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Integrated with All Your Accounts

All of your accounts can be aggregated on myPATH, allowing values to be updated on a daily basis for viewing with a single login.

encrypted File Vault

This digital vault allows you to securely store important documents in one location. Clients typically upload their trust, will, tax returns, children’s birth certificates, and insurance policy information.

Top-Notch Security

Financial data is never shared with a third party, completely password protected with high-level 256 bit encryption and constantly monitored firewalls.

Dynamic Goal Setting

Establish and track specific goals with an interactive platform which includes the ability to run retirement projections, plan for college, create budgets,and monitor spending.

myPATH allows you and your advisors to collaboratively evaluate your entire financial picture. Its power can help in everything from developing a savings plan and advising on 401K holdings to ensuring proper asset allocation among all your investments. myPATH is an invaluable resource that allows our clients and advisors to share important information seamlessly and help you achieve your financial goals.

Questions about myPath? We’d be happy to show
you a demo either in-person or remotely at your convenience.