Investment Management

Pathlight’s investment management experience assists clients in clarifying their goals and objectives and identifying appropriate investment strategies to reach those goals. Our advisors have counseled clients in the most difficult and rewarding financial market conditions, applying their extensive investment knowledge while adhering to a rigorous investment selection process.

Available Asset Strategies Include:

  • Equities are part of the growth component in a portfolio. An equities portfolio can be well-diversified by capitalization (e.g., large and small cap stocks), geography (e.g., international and domestic stocks) and style (e.g., core, growth, and value stocks).
  • Fixed Income can add stability to an investment portfolio, providing predictable, steady cash flow with lower risk of capital loss.
  • Alternative Investments include vehicles such as hedge funds, real assets and private equity. They are generally less liquid than equities or fixed income and offer returns that are potentially less correlated to the public equity and fixed income markets. Adding investments with low correlation to other strategies in a portfolio generally reduces the volatility of portfolio returns.
  • Cash Allocations are most appropriate for situations demanding high levels of liquidity. Cash investments include simple money-market funds with attractive yields, U.S. treasuries, U.S. agencies and other short-term fixed income securities.