Available Position: Vice President, Senior Financial Advisor

We are interested in meeting with seasoned advisors looking to wind down their careers in an environment that reminds them of life during the golden era of this industry. By joining Pathlight, experienced advisors can craft a REAL transition plan, monetize their life’s work, and ensure their clients will be served with the quality and care they deserve.

Crafting a career exit strategy should be more than finding a junior advisor that can fill your shoes in exchange for a few more years of revenue. Your life’s work deserves better. Your clients and their future generations deserve better. At Pathlight, we can provide a program that benefits both the transitioned advisor and their clients. Our client-centric approach, experience with succession planning and passion for working with multi-generational families provides a successful client-advisor transition.

We believe the 3-year rapidly declining revenue-share offered by most Wirehouse firms is not a sufficient replacement for the value of your business. We are prepared to offer substantially more attractive terms to the right person and can tailor the package to fit your needs.

Ready To retire,but worried about transitioning your clients to a
junior advisor? Want to get more from your of hard work?

Why Do Advisors Choose Pathlight?

After a combined 55+ years at regional brokerage, wirehouse, and fund companies, the Principals of Pathlight Investors chose to create a firm in their likeness–One that was truly client-centric. One that exhibited common sense in decision-making. One that operated with the highest integrity. And one that judged success by more than just revenue. The result is Pathlight.

Refreshing Story to Tell

In our industry it is hard for prospective clients to distinguish between a broker, advisor, wealth manager, financial planner, consultant, etc. One of the reasons for this challenge is that most advisors are telling the same story, using the same funds, and have their hands-tied when it comes to growth initiatives. Pathlight is a refreshing story to tell, and you will never have to defend the actions of an investment bank or prop trading desk again.

Real Business Support

Pathlight believes in providing its advisors and their clients with an exceptional experience. Pathlight will participate in the development, execution, and funding of advisor growth initiatives and will integrate new advisors into existing service, marketing, and communication programs.

Increased Income

Together we can structure a compensation schedule that rewards you. Depending upon your experience and contribution to the firm it is likely that your income would increase by keeping a larger percentage of what you earn.

21st Century Model

In today’s connected world, clients require information to be easily accessible and understandable. In fact, one could argue if you are not engaging the public via the internet, you do not have a business. Pathlight uses its web presence www.pathlightinvestors.com, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email distribution to deliver valuable education and insight. Pathlight seeks to be innovative and informative with all communication.